PJSC VGP is certificated according to the international standard FSC®

In March 2018 PJSC VGP has successfully gained certification of the supply chain according to the international standard FSC and received a license code FSC-C140859 and a certificate number SGS-COC-011261.Audit was conducted by the SGS Company - the world leader in a sphere of inspection services and certification.

Our company has been one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of sanitary and hygienic products for a long time and FSC certification is the best way to declare the transparency and environmental friendliness of our activities.At the same time, certification of such level and production of certified products allow our company to become a confident member of the international environmentally-responsive markets.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) - an international organization that established the system of confirmation of environmental and social responsibility of forest management.Its mission is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management worldwide.To learn more, visit the website www.fsc.org.

Those who certify their production, and those who buy certified products actually do the same thing - contribute to better management of forests and their preservation for future generations.FSC helps to take care of forests and we are pleased to be involved in this global mission*.

*Important: the product is considered FSC-certified, if it is ordered and marked as relevant in the shipping documents and on packing.